According to recent research, immigrants have created more than half of the technology companies in the United States.

Thanks to these talented immigrants, 44 new technology companies operating in the United States have a combined value of about $168,000,000.

Known as “Unicorns” in Silicon Valley, all these startups have an individual valuation of more than a million dollars, and each one of them generates employment for about 760 people.

Most companies were founded by immigrants and are located in California (32 out of 44), followed by New York (6) and Illinois (2).

In addition, the study establishes that a quarter of immigrant entrepreneurs who have founded these companies came to the United Statesapple-iphone-books-desk-large on a student visa. Exactly, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and other great founders of companies have increased the number of H1B visas to allow the entry of talented immigrants who can form companies in the United States.

Other Data from the Study:

  • 44 founders of the companies are from 21 different countries. India leads the list with 14 founders, followed by Canada and the UK with 8 each, 7 from Israel and 4 from Germany.
  • The founders went to important American universities like Stanford, MIT and Harvard.