Medicaid is a program created in the U.S. in 1965 to provide the needy with medical assistance. According to official data, about 58 million people are enrolled in Medicaid at present.

Can immigrants get these benefits?

Immigrants who hold a Green Card, have a legal status or have the American citizenship after having approved the naturalization test can benefit from Medicaid.

Although undocumented immigrants cannot enroll in the program, it is important to highlight that their underage children can.

Pregnant women whose families have an income that is 133% below the poverty line, low-income seniors and people with some physical disability can also get health coverage.

What are the main Medicaid benefits?

It all depends on the state where the person lives. The following benefits are offered in the 50 states:

Assistance services

Regular checkups for individuals below the age of 21


Laboratory services

X-ray services

Medical assistance in community and rural health clinics

Family planning services and distribution of contraceptive pills

Every senior can get the following benefits:

Prescription drugs

Optometry and dental services (total or partial payment of eyeglasses)


Mental health consultations

Medical care