marthamontalvo-hpd-681x383Ecuadorian Martha Montalvo is the new head of the Houston Police Department (HPD), and she is the first Hispanic in office.

Montalvo is now the successor of Charles McClelland, former head of the department, for whom she worked providing administrative support and monitoring 128 officers and 60 civilians, divided into five divisions in the HPD.

His 35 years of work, after she arrived in the United States from Guayaquil when she was only 5 years old, have paid off.

“Everything is possible, the opportunities are there if you work hard. I am an example of that.”


The new head of the department expects the immigrant community to have full confidence in the police, and is emphatically grateful for the academic and professional opportunities that the U.S. has given her.

Without forgetting her roots, Montalvo, who has family living in Ecuador, says that being Latino is part of her, and that it will always be like that.

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