Many want to emigrate and the United States looks like the perfect place to start a career, there are currently about fifty five million four hundred thousand Hispanics living in the United States.

Clearly there are risks involved but with the right advice an immigrant can successfully achieve the mission of a fresh start in North America, considered one of the first economies in the world.

Here we present some tips to achieve it

  1. Welcome to United States

America has become one of the preferred places to develop innovation and new business locations.

Many Latinos are immigrating to the United States, and an important part of them seek to invest, as is the case of Peruvians who are the most active immigrants in this field by now. Others immigrants have plans to start new businesses.

When it’s time to decide the destination city is important to take into account some data, such as that in South Florida, about 63% of jobs are small businesses.

Another interesting fact is that fourteen million nine hundred ninety thousand Hispanics make the largest Hispanic population in California, so this could be a good place to start.

  1. Take time to consider options

There are several ways to emigrate. They all merit study and previous research, and one of the best ways to do this is with the help of specialized immigration and finance professionals.

It is important to read a lot about immigration and possible visas to which a person can choose, depending on who he or she is and what hopes to achieve in United States.

For example, being an investor in either real estate or business, requires different visas, such as E1 Visa or E2 visa (this require the involved citizen to be from a country that has agreements with the United States and should demonstrate an investment in a company or business)

Other options are L1 Visa, where the applicant must work in a multinational company wishing to establish a branch or office in the United States, and they are moving in the same executive order to develop the business locally.

And the EB-5 visa, where the investor needs to have a minimum capital of $ 500,000 or $ 1.000.000. Everything depending on the area where the person whishes to perform, the magnitude of the project and the company. With this visa, a temporary residence in the US for about two years would be granted.

Another option for the professionals and entrepreneurs is being hired or sponsored by a company. This is possible if the immigrant does the job of compiling all the necessary documents, such as letters of recommendation, documents supporting the achievements, etc.

Another way to migrate and that we in Beltran Brito LLP encourage, is to opt for an O1 visa, this visa is designed for professionals with extraordinary abilities in the areas of ​​the arts, medicine, sports and/or research.

“Being a persecuted for political reasons, or other”, this route allows opt for a political asylum. But it can’t be based on lies. The immigrant should prepare a dossier with evidence of persecution, everything could be checked, if the history is not real, the petition won’t be successful, and there could have negative consequences

 3. Never do the process on your own

It’s not enough to read all the websites of immigration, nor study the law, an immigrant needs an advisor, an attorney who can provide proper guidance in the process of obtaining a work visa or green card.

Each case, whether it’s individual or a family case, is different, which is why an adequate lawyer may know which visa is best for each case.


   4. Seek the advisor in your country of origin.

Seek legal allies with more than a front for professional action is important for you to get meaningful assessment of subjects such as: immigration, real estate, tax law, financial management, and insurance, among others. With the support of a prepared team the chances that the visa will be approved, are higher.

  1. An expert is always the best ally. Start your migration plan consulting experts

You can call a law firm located in the United States to consult with them about questions and get the list of requirements that need to be updated 100% clear.

In Beltran Brito LLP we have long experience advising immigrants in the process of obtaining a work visa or green card. If you have any questions please contact us or visit our website for more information.


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