Currently it is very rare to find a place where you’re allowed to pay what you consume in your next visit, these privileges exists when there are years of trust and friendship, and yet it is very difficult.
In America, “credits” are based on something very important: the credit rating

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money in the bank, in your home or in your pocket, if your credit rating is bad … you can’t get a credit card in America.

For your information, every time you are refused a credit line, lose a card or maybe pay a bill late, that information goes onto your credit report. Bad news.

This credit report calculates a rating, a score from 300 to 850. Your credibility depends on your score, this determinates how good and less risky you are to the bank, credit card companies, gas companies, etc.

It does seems difficult, but there is a way.

Secured Credit Card: this card issues a “credit card” with a set figure as collateral from your own account ( It can be from $500 to 1000$).

You will have to use the card and pay it off well above the minimum monthly amount. If you keep like that for six months, and remember, NEVER miss a payment, you will be able to use a credit card with a larger limit.

(To remember: don’t even think of applying for anything before you have your Social Security number)

It’s really important that you keep monitoring your credit report. You can check for several examples if there are any errors. In cases like when a card is lost or stolen, you could experience identity theft.

This three companies deal with credit reports and can also freeze or hold on line of your credit cards: EquifaxExperian, and TransUnion – and the good news is that they will issue you with one free credit report per year.

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