Among the Visas that will allow you to work in the United States, there is the O Visa, which is granted to people who possess extraordinary abilities. Previously, in our first article, we discussed the important things you must know about the O Visa. In this article, we shall continue to discuss some important points you should take into account about this type of Visa.

Important information about the O Visa (Extraordinary abilities)

Why is the O Visa known as a freelance Visa?

This is a wrong notion people hold about this Visa. As a matter of fact, the United States does not have a Visa category for freelancers. What happens in reality is that under certain circumstances where the sponsor is an agent, it can look as if the person receiving the Visa were a freelancer.

For example, if the agent is the employer and they have a contract with different companies, then the beneficiary of the O Visa will be working for several companies. The important thing to know is that, even under those terms, the sponsor/employer is the agent.

What is the duration of the O Visa? Important information about the O Visa (Extraordinary abilities)

Having a work Visa brings big benefits. If you work without documents allowing you to do so, you would be incurring into a violation of immigration laws, with potential damaging consequences.

O Visas are granted for a maximum of three years, although it can be granted for a few days only. This type of Visa can be renewed without limitations and it can be renewed as many times as necessary until the work activity of the Visa holder is over. This means that some people could carry out the entirety of their work life under an O Visa.

What is the difference of this Visa with other types of Visa?

One person can apply for different types of Visa. It is also possible that the O Visa is not the most adequate for that individual.

In order to know which Visa is best for your needs, you must know your goals, the requirements and the advantages of each type of Visa. In order to do so, there is nothing better than getting the advice of an expert immigration lawyer.

We at Beltran Brito LLP are a group of professionals who will guide you and help you understand the ever changing labyrinth of U.S.A. immigration law. We offer our legal services to big corporations, as well as to individuals.

 Many people can mix up the types of Visas. For example, the O and EB-2 Visas are very similar, but there is a big difference: with the latter, you can permanently immigrate into the United States and, thus, obtain the Green Card or residency card. This Visa category applies to people who possess extraordinary abilities in science, the arts or in business.

Another legal path to obtain the residency exists for those who are the best in sports, science, the arts, education or business through the EB-1 Visa.

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