The United States Department of Labor has conducted a study on the professions that will be on demand in the next six years. The following aspects were taken into consideration:

Percentage: it represents the increasing number of jobs in a particular profession, between the year 2012 and the year 2022.

Salary: it refers to the net income that workers get. It can dramatically vary, depending on years of experience, state taxes, etc.

Education: This is the minimum level of studies required for a particular job:

  • H.S. stands for High School. In general, when this level of education is required, equivalent tests like the GED are also accepted.
  • B.D. stands for Bachelor’s Degree, i.e. a four-year college degree.
  • Ph.D / professional: the first one stands for doctorate degree and the second one refers to professional studies completed after the B.D., e.g. law, medicine, etc.

It is estimated that by 2022 there will be 161 million jobs in the U.S. This is the equivalent to an increase of 10.8 percent, if we take the year 2012 as a reference.

Professions and Their Data:


Profession Percentage Salary Education 
Industrial or Organizational Psychologist 53.4% $ 83.580 Master’s degree 
Auxiliary Caregiver 48.8 $ 19.910 H.S. or less 
Home Caregiver 48.5 $ 20.820 H.S. or less 
Insulators 46.7 $ 39.170 H.S. 
Interpreter / translator 46.1 $ 45.430 B.D . 
Ultrasound Technician 46.0 $ 65.800 Associate degree
Auxiliary Builder 43.0 $ 28.200 Less H.S. 
Occupational Therapist Assistant 42.6 $ 53.240 Associate degree
Genetic Counselor 41.2 $ 56.800  Master’s degree
Physical Therapist Assistant 41.0 $ 52.160 Associate degree
Auxiliary Physical Therapist 40.1 $ 23.880 H.S. 
Skin Care Specialist 39.8 $ 28.640 H.S. 
Physician Assistant 38.4 $ 90.930 Master’s degree 
Framer 38 $ 33.720 H.S. 
Electrician Assistant 37 $ 27.670 H.S. 
Information Analyst 36.5 $ 86.160 B.D.
Auxiliary Occupational Therapist 36.2 $26,850             H.S.
Health Teachers 36.1 $ 81.140 Ph.D/Professional
Medical Secretary 36.0 $ 31.350 H.S.
Physical Therapist 36.0 $ 79.860 Ph.D/Professional
Orthopedist 35.5 $ 62.670 Master’s degree
Mason 35.5 $ 46.440 H.S.
Professor of Nursing 35.4 $ 64.880 Master’s degree


It should be noted that in some professions such as nurses or teachers, there will be no major increase in new jobs, but a great labor supply will remain. The reason is that a large number of retirements is expected in these areas to be filled with new hires.

America is a big country and the economy varies greatly from state to state, even between regions in the same state, and that leads to very different rates of unemployment in the country.

To Keep in Mind

To legally work in the United States you must have a legal status like:

  • American citizenship.
  • Legal permanent residency.
  • Work visa.
  • Work permit for foreigners in very specific situations.