Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has become significantly close to the Hispanic community in the United States, a minority that is becoming more powerful, both economically and politically.

Clinton has defended their rights, proposed alternatives to improve their situations and has also included Hispanics in her own team.

The latest she added to the group was Jorge Silva, a Mexican responsible in the position of director for Hispanic media in the campaign of the democratic candidate.

But nothing is random, this Mexican has vast experience.

Jorge Silva spent ten years of his career in politics, adding a master’s degree in international policies of the Institute of International Studies Middlebury in Monterrey, California.

Jorge also has a law degree at the Technical Institute of Higher Studies of the West in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Silva was recently working with Harry Reid, he was his adviser and developed and implemented strategies against Senator Hispanic media, and other media.

Throughout this experience Jorge shone with his talent to the presidential candidate.

Clinton has expressed the wish to achieve a migration difference that is comprehensive and formed a team of highly qualified Hispanics.

Jorge Silva accompanies other Latinos with positions in the Clinton’s campaign as Amanda Renteria, director of national policy. Xochitl Hinojosa, linked to communication with the media. Lorella Praeli, director for the Latino community; political adviser Adriana Garcia, the director of operations in Nevada Emmy Ruiz, and the director of organization in the state, Jorge Neri.