Probably you have seen on social networks the Hashtag #ImmigrantHeritageMonth.  June is the month dedicated to their heritage in the United States, a month to celebrate the diversity.

In 2015, for second time, the Immigrant Heritage Month it’s celebrated and will be dedicated to everyone who has contributed to communities in the United States, everyone who has helped the economy  and brought to  society  wonderful achievements.

Practically, all American families come from another country. Immigration is already part of the DNA of Americans. For this celebration, the event has invited immigrants to tell their stories.

The process is very simple, any immigrant or American with foreign roots can visit whitehouse.gov/NewAmericans which is working as a blog, and write their story.

No matter who is the immigrant, great-grandparents, grandparents, parents or yourself, it is important that everyone can talk about their amazing heritage.


With desire to motivate others, the White House decided to share the story of one of its officials on the blog. Zaid Hassan shared his story on how he managed to become an US citizen.

By following this order, other stories of officials will be shared during the month. They have also released on Instagram, posts with the story of immigrants.

The month began with the first naturalization ceremony in the city of Pittsburgh, chaired by the Mayor of Pittsburgh, William Peduto, in collaboration with the Chairman of the City ,Bruce Kraus, and the Director of Immigration Services (USCIS ), Leon Rodriguez.

Campaigns are very emotional and many people have started to convey their messages through social networks, especially with pictures of celebration.

Dania Ramirez, star of Devious Maid, talked about her immigrant heritage sharing the story of the arrival of her family to the United States and its sacrifices to achieve the American dream.



Eva Longoria tweet something about this emotional storyssss10846196_1160689190615354_1909403522522476526_n


Facebook is also used to spread the message of Heritage Month Immigrant, the Fan Page of the Non-profit organization Welcome.us  has a huge campaing giving relevance to what it means to be an immigrant in the United States.

Celebrities including Russell Simmons, Elianne Ramos, Bruno Mars,  the chef José Andrés, Cameron Diaz, Michael Skolnik, and many more commented on their immigrant heritage and contributed to the campaign HMI.



Also, the Senator Bob Menendez, shared a photo of his family and tweeted the following:

“On #ImmigrantHeritageMonth,#TBT to a Menendez family photo in #NJ Immigrants are part of the American fabric #IHM2015″



The idea of ​​the celebration is to show the contributions and sacrifices of immigrants in the United States,  to spread their wonderful stories and run the message: “America is a nation of immigrants