Some Britons worry too much about the cultural legacy to leave to their children.

For example, if your children will be born in America: they’re Americans.

If your family moves and your kids are too young then yes, they will grow with American customs … but it is possible to feed and maintain British cultural legacy in them.

Here are some options how.

Show them U.K. TV

Make sure some of their screen time is dedicated to British shows. Apart from Sesame Street, there’s little quality American TV for children anyway. So more In the Night Garden and Peppa Pig for them.

British books

The culture of reading is paramount; any child should grow up reading good books.

So be sure to have your repertoire of British books available

Trips to the U.K.

This is so important! If you realize that your British accent and ideals are fading away, let your UK family take over the indoctrination process.

Take your kids to the U.K. and let them learn about their roots!

Grandparents in the house

This is very important, gently persuade your parents to spend time with the kids. It will be like a retirement for them.

Having them around is a superb way to ramp up your young American family’s exposure to Britishness.

Cook  British food

These days, many international culinary supplies are available online or at your local supermarket, so it will be important to make an effort.

You can cook them “Fish Fingers” and “chips” even when later you will have to explain why Americans call it “breaded” and “chips”.

Teach British English

You will find impart on their vocabulary without even trying. This will help kids to handle different terms and be able to converse and be understood in USA and U.K

Meet other British expats with children

This will help a lot, find and join local British groups for parents and allow your kids to socialize with British children. You can take the opportunity to also enjoy and stay connected to your roots

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