America is now a country ethnically diverse.

In July 2015, California became the first major US state with the largest number of Hispanics, becoming the third in the country after Hawaii and New Mexico.

Demographers agree that in 2014 the population started to grow fast. Data from the Office of the US Census released by the beginning of July, assures that 14 million 990,000 Hispanics were living in California, surpassing the 14 million 920,000 English-speaking residents that were also living in the state.

The Census Bureau of the United States indicated that the Hispanic population is now 55 million 400 thousand. With this data it appears that California and Los Angeles County have the largest Hispanic population of any state or county in the nation.

The average of the Hispanic population is 29 years old, relatively young, meanwhile the average of the white non-Hispanic population is 45 years old. Projections immediately took place and demographers assume that about 49 percent of Californians will be hispanic in 2060.

This trend in the Hispanic population is a phenomenon that will be reinforced in the coming years, since according to the latest census projections for 2044, half of Americans belong to an ethnic minority.


While California’s Hispanic population is growing, improve education and eliminate poverty are two of the main objectives.

Statistics show that the poverty rate among Latino children in California stands at 34.6%, more than Asian children (15.6%) and non-Hispanic white children (12.2% ).

In terms of education compared to the white minority, in the 2013-2014 school year, 76.4% of Hispanics graduate from high school on time, a little less than the 87.4% of non-Hispanic whites and the 92.3% of Asians, although higher than the 68.1% of African Americans.

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