Whenever a family member or friend is detained by Immigration, it is likely that the ICE or a judge will set a bail. This immigration bail may be paid by either: yourself or an authorized agency.

What must be done if a family member or a friend pays the bail?

  • As a matter of principle, they must be in the United States, legally. That is, they must be an American citizen or a permanent legal resident.
  • They must pay the total amount set by the ICE or by the judge as a bail with cash or Treasury Bonds of the United States.
  • It is necessary to make an appointment with the local office of the ICE (appointment to pay the bail) through the phone.
  • On the day of the appointment, you must go to the place and time that have been set. It is very important that only a family member or friend of the detainee with a legal status in the country shows up.
  • They must go with the payment method, a valid form of identification, such as the driver’s license, passport or residency card.
  • It is absolutely necessary to bring with you the original card of your Social Security Number.
  • Once there, you will sign documents I-305 – which is the original of receipt of having paid the bail – and I-352 – copy of the bail contract. These documents must be kept because they will be necessary in order to recover the bail money later on.

Payment through an immigration bail bond agency

It is necessary sometimes to pay through an immigration bail bond agency – for example, when the family member or friend do not possess a legal status or because they do not have all the money requested as a bail bond. Generally, the family or friend pays around 15 to 20 percent of the total of the bail bond in cash and warrants the rest with a collateral.


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