estefaniaortizphoto-1Estefanía Ortiz believes in the power that women have to make great contributions to society and to develop as individuals and professionals.

She is currently a junior at Stanford University, studying Computer Science.

One of the greatest satisfactions of Estefania, is that being a Latina born and raised in Puerto Rico, she is the founder of Latin@ Coder Summit, an event that gathers for one day Latino specialists from programming to networking,  learning and connectivity.

Estefanía has had practice in Good Eggs, Facebook and Microsoft, has also been a panelist and speaker at major events.

It is a day dedicated to interactive workshops where Latinos has technical informative discussions  and worked as speakers.

Latino_Coder_Summit Latin@ Coder Summit

The initiative  connects  engineers and Latino engineers working in the tech field.

It’s not exactly common in the Tech community the presence of Latin Americans and in the Latino community  is not a common denominator to have engineers.

Estefania-OrtizEstefania’s vision was mainly to create an event in which these immigrant professionals can connect and celebrate their roots, while specialists in the area dictate workshops and conferences.

The main objective of Latin@ Coder Summit is breaking patterns; end the idea that “there are not enough Latino engineers” and that the companies can not find them. This is mainly to strengthen the Latino community.

For Ortiz, Latino empowerment through technology, it is something v inspiring, because many of the problems facing this community, can be solved by technology

The Latin@ Coder Summit held in May 2015 attracted more than 450 Latino students and developers, entrepreneurs and professionals to the University of Stanford. More than 45 percent of those attending the summit were Latino. Among the sponsors of the event, was LinkedIn, Univision, Google, Kapor Center for Social Impact, Adelante Capital Management, Southwest Airlines and the Entertainment Software Association.


For Estefanía, her passions are education, software and entrepreneurship. She advises children, especially, latinos, to pursue a future in technology or in business, and to surround themselves with mentors and peers for their development and stand up  if anyone questions their achievements or skills to succeed.

jose rogelio suarez

Photo by José Rogelio Suárez

As Estefanía, many families decide to emigrate to the United States to seek improvements in their quality of life and provide a better future for their children.

Being an immigrant was not a problem for professional growth.

With the right advice, immigrants may obtain a green card that will allow them to life in the United States.

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