The city of Los Angeles (California) has developed a tool that promises to help thousands of immigrants to obtain US citizenship.

The information was released by Eric Garcetti, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles (California), who revealed that they recently completed the development of a virtual guide to help thousands of immigrants to achieve desirable US citizenship.

It is expected that the virtual tool will help about 350,000 permanent residents (immigrants with a Green Card) from Los Angeles to confirm their eligibility for citizenship.

Once confirmed, the person may qualify to become a citizen; immigrants will access a multilingual platform that will guide them through the various stages of the process.

The mayor encouraged everyone to participate actively to achieve the objective and said that there are currently
thousands of immigrants in Los Angeles who are eligible to become citizens, but who for various reasons they haven’t initiated or completed the naturalization process. The time is now.8

The guide is expected to be a friendly, fast and easy for people who are in the process of achieving the public support.

The process is quite simple, once the postulant accesses the web page, they’ll be able to check their eligibility by filling a form with seven personal questions and, once the information is supplied, all is left is to wait for an answer.

The site also has a map that lets people locate relief centers for citizenship.

The guide also features an interactive map where users can find helpful resources in libraries, citizenship classes and English as a second language; and links to local non-profit organizations that can help friends, neighbors, family members and coworkers to get citizenship.

Anyone wishing to access the virtual guide can do it via this link: http://stepforward.lacity.org/