There are silly mistakes that may become big headaches and may even result in the loss of a legal status or in the refusal of the requested documents. Those are mentioned below:

The names and surnames do not match

It is important to pay attention when filling out a form. You must check that both the name and surname are correctly written and that they match the name written on your passport.

Loss of a contact address

In the case of a change of domicile, you must inform USCIS in a timely manner. Also, make sure that your name is written on your mailbox, since in some cases their absence may cause that a document from USCIS is not delivered.


When processing migratory paperwork, it is often the case that the paperwork is written in a language other than English. In this case, a certified translation is in order.

Beginning a process without having reviewed all the requirements

It is very convenient having basic knowledge of all the requirements – not just of those occurring at the beginning of a process. Several processes have failed because of later processes that were not taken into account.pexels-photo-121575

Not having idea of how long a process can take

In some cases, it is a matter of months – in others years, and in some cases, family requests have lasted decades.

Not requesting a travel permit

Some foreigners who are in the United States may need a permit to return to the U.S. if they travel abroad. This is something known as an advance parole.

Sending the form to the wrong office

USCIS has more than one office. Verify where you must send your forms.

Trusting the wrong person 

Do not resort to any person, you must seek the counsel of qualified lawyers.