The responsible of the Millionaire fund for immigrants are the New York Democratic senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand.

The fund is supported by several organizations that will receive one million two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars to help immigrants achieve the desired citizenship

Schumer, who has been working for immigrants expressed his joy and optimism regarding the initiative, for him immigrants are the lifeblood of the US and deserve opportunities.

Besides the millionaire fund will help organizations expand their services and guide immigrants in the process of applying and obtaining citizenship.

It is estimated that each company involved a donation of $ 250 thousand dollars, including participating  in the initiative are: “Hanac Inc.“, “Shorefront YM-YHWA of Brighton-Manhattan Beach” “Emerald Isle Immigration Center“, “Make the Road New York “and” League 1199 SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund”

According to estimates this monetary aid would support 25,000 immigrants from around the world to achieve their dream of becoming American citizens.

These initiatives contribute significantly to the inclusion of immigrants in the United States, a country that has become precisely in a nation of immigrants. All immigrants who need advice in the way of understanding immigration lawa and want to opt for a work visa or green card can communicate with us. In Beltran Brito LLP we have extensive experience in counseling successful immigrants. More information here