descargaThere are many talented immigrants who have given their contribution to the United States. On this occasion, we will introduce you to Mexican teacher Jaime Lucero, recognized for his work to promote university education among young people who, like him, entered the land of opportunity without papers.

Representatives of the Assembly of New York and mayor, Bill de Blasio, gave Lucero proclamations in a ceremony held at the Mexican Studies Institute, City University of New York, which has been officially named “Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute” in honor of its principal benefactor.

Lucero, originally from the mountains of Puebla, came to the United States in 1975,Jaime-Lucero without having finished his studies and without proficiency in English. Twenty years later, he already owned a clothing delivery business and a fleet of 25 trucks.

Today, he is considered “an entrepreneur, a leader, a promoter of education and a philanthropist who exemplifies the overall spirit of generosity of the city.”

pipopeLucero has been the main donor of scholarships, granted by the institute that bears his name and that, this year, will grant 35 scholarships to students.

The Institute for Mexicans Abroad, Juntos Podemos Foundation, and organizations such as the Association of Mexican Professionals and Entrepreneurs Foundation (APEM) also fund the scholarships.

Lucero, who works hard every day, believes that his children and all young people have the responsibility to build a good future: “they must leave the world in a better situation than they found it.”