Working as a nanny in the United States means a great responsibility and strict rules established by the government. Particularly when applying for the J-1 visa.

If the person in question meets certain requirements, it will be easier for agencies to find a family.

What Are the Requirements to Get the J1 Visa and Work As a Nanny?

  • Being 18-26 years old.
  • Being healthy.
  • Having no criminal record.
  • Having completed, at least, the secondary education.
  • Being able to prove that you’ve worked 200 hours babysitting.
  • Not having been previously in the United States as an au-pair, i.e. a nanny.
  • Speaking at least intermediate English.
  • Committing to live with an American family for a minimum of one year. This period may be extended for three, six or twelve months.

These are the requirements that agencies generally look for when choosing a candidate:

  • Being a woman: a man can also be selected though. The fact is that there is a preference for women.
  • Having a driver’s license.
  • Being flexible in terms of the geographic area where you want to live and also in relation to the number of children of the host family.
  • Being a non-smoker.

Important: You can only spend a season as an au pair in the United States, participating in the program through authorized government agencies.

Young people from other countries who want to spend a season in the United States working and learning English can apply for different types of programs, for example:

  • Internships in an NGO.
  • Professional internships.
  • Working at a Summer Camp.