The presidential candidates’ recent debates and comments continue to cause a stir in the American society.

For example, Donald Trump, in a recent statement, suggested that birthright citizenship had to be banned. However, the proposal has not found support among the majority of the Americans. According to surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center from the 22nd until the 27th of September, six out of ten Americans reject this initiative. This represents 60% of the population against 40% that backs this idea.

The citizenship for all of those born in the United States or whose parents are nationalized citizens was granted in 1868 when the 14th Amendment was ratified to the Constitution. Recent studies
demonstrate that most people’s will is to keep what was established more than a century ago.

Americans have not only given their opinion about the birthright citizenship, but also about the possible construction of a wall along the border. Thus, 48% declared “I do not agree”, while 46% showed their approval.

Besides, the Pew Research Center found one thing in common between Democrats and Republicans. Both groups support, under certain conditions, the legalization of the status of more than 11 million illegal immigrants. 80% of the Democrats and 66% of the Republicans are in favor of this issue.

Day by day, the electoral campaign becomes warmer. Millions of immigrants hope that the candidate who wins respects their status. They also expect the winner to carry out the necessary reforms, in order to grant the legalization of a great number of immigrants who make a living in the United States, contribute to the society by paying taxes, and are an essential workforce for the country.