The annual quota for H1B visas is 85,000. However, this year, in just five days, the request limit was reached. It is estimated that by October this year the visas will be delivered.

This visa is ideal for foreign high tech professionals (scientists, journalists, researchers, etc.). It is known as a “dual intent visa”. This means that it is not necessary to prove your intention to return to your country of origin in order to obtain it, which makes the application for a Green Card easier.

It is ideal also for models that have a prestigious career. Other professionals like architects or teachers etc. may also apply, i.e. almost anyone with expertise and duly validated university degrees.

Annual Quota

The annual quota is 65,000 visas, plus other 20,000 that are used by foreigners who are completing post-graduate studies at an American university.

It is important to know that there is a number of H-1B reserved for the citizens of certain countries. For example, 1,400 visas are put aside only for Chileans.