Marriage is one of the fastest and most common ways to get the Green Card. In this first part, we will indicate some important points to keep in mind when requesting the Green Card: who can do it, what is needed, etc.

Who Can Request the Residency for Their Spouses?

  • American citizens and Puerto Ricans (those living on the island and those living in one of the 50 states).
  • Legal permanent residents.
  • Married couples, even if they are same-sex couples.

To Keep in Mind:

Marriage must not be fake. The USCIS personnel know there are marriages of convenience and they are trained to detect fraud. The consequences of marriage fraud are drastic.

Enough income to sponsor. The USCIS makes sure that Green Card applicants have enough financial resources. The problems arise mainly when applicants are young and are still studying or have low wages. Also, when citizens have spent many years or all their life abroad and now want to return to the U.S., but cannot prove that they have enough resources.

The role of debts in migratory requests. Debts and/or bad credit scores affect migratory petitions in some cases.