America needs nurses. Due to an insufficient number of these among its citizens, the country is forced to recruit nursespexels-photo from abroad. We have to say that this is a very well-paid profession.

Many of the nurses that are recruited in the U.S. come from English-speaking countries. Still, this doesn’t mean that nurses from Latin countries are excluded from this opportunity.

How is it possible? You may apply through online recruitment agencies that accept Latino or European candidates.

What are some of the agencies?

  1. ASMCI
  2. Assignment America
  3. CBH Healthcare Recruiters
  4. Christine Paris Enterprises USA, Inc.
  5. European Medical Staffing
  6. Healtcare Global Resources
  7. California Institute of bilingual healthcare
  8. O’Grady Peyton International:
  9. PPR
  10. Wilson Staffing Network

Tips When Talking to Agencies

You should ask about important information such as: Do you charge a fee for the placement? Do you provide some help in immigration procedures? Do you help in the candidate’s preparation for the TOEFL exam?

Types of Visas Available for Nurses

The main one is the Green Card.

The H-1B visa is another possibility. Depending on the employer and on the type of employment, the H-1B for nurses may not be subject to problems regarding annual limits.

The TN-2 visa for Mexicans or Canadians is valid, too.

There are other options but these are the main ones.

Minimum Requirements to Apply

It’s essential to have a Bachelor in Nursing that can be considered equivalent to an RN in the United States.

It’s very important that the applicant has fluency in English (professional and proficient medical language), and that he or she proves it in the official exam.

To get the state license to work as a nurse.

To pass the background check.

To obtain the appropriate visa or the Green Card.

How long can all the processing take?

Around 12 to 18 months.

Most Wanted Specialties

Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, E.R., Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Neonatal, Surgery, Anesthetist.