There is a myth among legal immigrants in the U.S. about a supposed “10-year law”, which allows them to get the permanent residency 10 years after their arrival in the country.

It is important for immigrants to know that that is not enough. Having lived 10 years in the United States, having children and a good conduct do not guarantee the permanent resident status. Besides, one must meet certain requirements and submit documents.

The “10-year law” is one of the most common immigration frauds among the Latino community in the United States. It is frequently used for the purpose of offering a work permit or the residency to undocumented people. However, once the person applies for it, and does not qualify, the request is denied, and the person is referred to a deportation hearing.

If the person, during the hearing, brings documents that prove that they have lived uninterruptedly in the United States for 10 years, that they have
had a good conduct (they have timely paid their taxes and their child support, and they have not helped anyone enter the country illegally) or if their immediate family members are legal residents or Americans that could be affected by the person’s deportation, the case could be cancelled and the person could request the residency.

In order for you not to be easy prey for unscrupulous people that play with your longing to have a better life in the U.S., always consult a knowledgeable immigration attorney.

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