This year, Poder Latino, a program dedicated to Latinos, so they are informed about the latest and greatest events in U.S. politics, will be launched. The transmission, for example, will allow Hispanics to have a broader view of what is happening in the coming presidential elections.


Poder Latino’s sponsor is NTN24. In fact the program will be broadcast from the NTN24 studios in Washington DC, in partnership with The Washington Post and George Washington University.

NTN24-LOGOIts executive director will be Julian Giraldo, who is also vice president of international channels at RCN Television and NTN24s CEO. On their part, Gustau Alegret and Diana Castaneda will lead the news area.

Poder Latino is a news program in essence, which will air on Sundays in the United States. On the TV show, will analyze and discuss with experts in politics, issues that are important to Latinos (rights, laws, social programs). Experts in politics will be invited to the TV show in order to analyze and discuss important subjects for Latinos such as rights, laws and social programs.

Poder Latino will surely keep everyone abreast of the most important news during the 2016 election campaign. It will cover all the debates, speeches and events related to the protagonists and other sources of opinion.