Each immigrant has a visa that suits his or her situation and needs. What types of visa may be granted to professors and researchers?

Here are some types:

The H-1B Visa for Professionals and Models

The H-1B is probably the most popular visa for teachers and researchers who seek to work at universities.

These visas do not have an annual limited number. In addition, most university professors meet the requirement of having a college degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree from the United States.

If you studied in another country, the degree must be recognized.

In the case of sports, coaches can work in the United States without any higher studies. If you would like to follow this path, you should speak with an expert immigration attorney.

J-1, the Exchange Visa

Despite its popularity, the J-1 visa has great restrictions on the time allowed to remain in or outside the United States. However, a waiver (a request for this restriction not to be applied) is possible.

The O-1 Visa for Foreigners with Extraordinary Abilities

Along with the H-1B visa, the O-1 is probably the most used by foreign professors and researchers to work at American colleges.

If a university sponsors an O-1 to a person who has had a J-1 visa, he or she can get the new visa without having to stay outside the USA for two years.

The TN Visa

It only applies to Mexicans and Canadians under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Visas E-1 and E-2

In very specific cases, and as long as he or she belongs to a country that has treaties for trade or investment visas, the foreigner could even apply for an E-1 visa (trade) or E-2 (investor).

This applies to cases in which the professor or researcher develops patents, technology or even a company created as a result of his or her work.

The Best Piece of Advice

Always consult your lawyer, and if you do not have one, do not wait too long before contacting one. An immigration lawyer can guide and advise you in the most positive way in order to get your work visa or Green Card and thus achieve success in the United States. Beltran Brito LLP has long experience in this. Please, contact us.