Not many people know this, but a tourist visa may be canceled without notice. The causes are varied.

Embassies, consulates and immigration authorities can proceed to its cancellation, without warning.


  1. Cancellation of an American visa for overstaying in the UnitedStates (even for only 24 hours). This doesn’t refer to the date on which the visa expires, but the last day that the embassy allowed you to stay in U.S. territory.
  1. When the CBP officer who is at Customsbelieves that a person who was previously granted the visa is now ineligible or inadmissible to enter the United States.
  1. When the visa has been ripped off the passport where it was printed.
  1. When the visa is used for something different than its official purpose.For example, when a person with a tourist visa, spends a long time in the United States and decides to study at a school, university or English school on a full time basis. Another common example: using the visa for marriage.
  1. When authorities think you have the intention to stay indefinitely in the U.S. This can happen when a person enters the country on a tourist visa.
  1. When Medicaid (U.S. public insurance) has had to cover an immigrant’s medical expenses.
  1. When an foreigner is granted an immigrant visa,his or her non-immigrant visa is canceled.
  1. When a person has been requested by a relative in the United States.
  1. If you have worked or intend to work in the United States.
  1. When the visa has a bureaucratic error, such as the misspelling of a name or a surname or a mistake in the date of birth.