visa.deniedMany immigrants attend to the US Embassy to apply for a visa, and recently more Cuban immigrants are visiting the US embassy in Cuba seeking a tourist visa to go to NorthAmerica. Many of these Cubans have relatives in Miami.

The greatest fear for the immigrants is that after making all the necessary arrangements and pay the established rates; the US embassy denies them a tourist visa.

There are several reasons why the US embassy refused to grant a visa, these are some of them:

  1. Unreliable Income

When immigrants do not have proof of having sufficient income to support themselves, it is very likely that the US embassy rejects their request. It is for this reason that to attend the interview at the embassy the immigrant should take all the data that proves the applicant’s income and that everything indicates that the purpose of the trip is not with the intention to stay in the United States.

  1. Stabilitye3-visa-interview-questions

The wanting to stay in the United States to work or live is the main reason why the US embassy is denying the visa.

Stability is an ace in order to obtain the visa. It is important to display and verify that the immigrant is truly attached to its country of origin. All data demonstrating that the applicant does not intend to change residence and intend to get the visa must be taken to the interview

What documents are used for this?

Proof of study, work cards (with a seniority more preferably a year) pay slips (at least the last four), car bills, etc.

  1. Lying

Lying is forbidden.

It is important that the applicant knows that before going to the interview, they has been previously investigated. For example if the immigrant has been in the country before and committed a crime or a family member is living there, the American consulate is fully aware of this.

If the applicant has committed a crime, the best thing to do is tell the truth and ask for a forgiveness verbal request. If a lie is discovered … it will definitely deny the visa and the data will be recorded in its history.

  1. Visa Application Denied Stamp Showing Entry Admission RefusedCriminal record.

A historial is sufficient reason for a refusal, and it is very difficult for it to be re-issued to the applicant.

The US government sometimes uses other considerations in more complex cases.

Anyone can enter the United States, all you have to do is follow the standards set by the government and comply with its rules.