One of the states with the largest number of undocumented immigrants is California. Precisely because of this, certain laws have been progressively approved so as to give rights and benefits to this important part of the community.

Here are the 6 most important ones:

  1. Driver’s license

Undocumented workers in California can apply for a license.

  1. Professional license

Undocumented immigrants in California can, through Senate Bill 1159, obtain a license to work as professionals. Nurses and dentists are an example.

The passing of this law was achieved thanks to an immigrant, Sergio Garcia, who played an important role in the Supreme Court of California to get his lawyer license.

  1. Grants for college

Anyone who is under 16 and undocumented in California may receive a scholarship, thanks to the California Dream Act. These grants are paid through public funds.

The State Dream Loan Program has also raised funds so that undocumented immigrants who are studying in one of the two systems of public universities in California have access to loans.

If they are unable to attend a university, they are assisted in the process of entering community colleges instead.

  1. Sanctuary cities

A sanctuary city is one where the police or any local authority does not inquire into the immigration status of citizens. California is in fact the state with more sanctuary cities.

  1. Health

In most states, the undocumented cannot enjoy the privileges of Obamacare, for example. However, in California, things are different.

In some counties health care is provided to the most vulnerable population, regardless of their legal status. As a matter of fact, in May 2016, Medi-Cal will be expanded to cover undocumented immigrants with limited economic resources.

  1. Labor rights

In California, the undocumented have the right to the minimum wage.