Both can get you a P visa.

Athletes who wish to make their career in the United States can achieve it through the right visa. As we have previously mentioned, the O1 visa applies to artists and scientists, researchers and athletes. Apart from the great benefits of this visa for people with extraordinary abilities, there is also another one that allows athletes to specialize and develop professionally in the United States -the P visa.

The P visa is ideal for artists and athletes.

Who May Apply for These Visas?

In the case of athletes, all of those who compete individually or as part of a group or team, provided that they enjoy international prestige. The competitions in which athletes participate should also have international recognition.

How Long?

This visa allows athletes to work in the United States for up to five years.


How Many Athletes Are Benefiting from This Visa?

It is estimated that, each fiscal year, up to 25,000 visas are granted.

Video Games and the P Visa

Professional video game players qualify for the P-1 visa and thus they may work in the United States. Until 2013, the P-1 visa was reserved for traditional athletes like football players, swimmers, golfers, etc. That year, the USCIS allowed professional gamers (eSports, or electronic sports) to benefit from this visa.

The USCIS technically considers video game players athletes who train with their teammates 10-12 hours a day (which is the equivalent to a full time job), and take part in regular competitions. They also have elite athletes’ features like agility.

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