In early September Barack Obama strongly retook a suitable campaign to pave the way for about 8.8 million legal permanent residents living in the United States and become US citizens.

Of these 8.8millions, around 3.4 million residents live in California and are mostly Mexicans. 1.7 million live in New York and 1.3 million reside in Texas, as well as 1.3 million permanent legal residents live in Florida.

The main objective of the campaign, which was announced in November 2014, is to make residents eligible. Start the paperwork to become new citizens and get benefits, such as participating in the 2016 presidential election.

Stand Stronger includes new benefits; like the fact that applicants may withdraw the cost of the process with a credit card and dilute their payments.

USCIS reported that the cost of form for citizenship, the N-400, is $ 600 plus the cost of taking biometric fingerprint ranging which costs $ 85 US dollars.

In addition USCIS will also feature an appropriate page to complete the process online. There, residents can find practice exams like knowledge of American history, civics and government, and the incorporation of community organizations and the private sector in th
e campaign.

Stand Stronger is focusing on breaking down barriers and allowing eligible immigrants to become US citizens refugees.


One of the reasons Stand Stronger seeks to impact positively on the residents is precisely what Obama considers a fact: “The United States is a nation of immigrants and a nation that welcomes those fleeing persecution, while stressing that immigrants and refugees make the nation stronger when they are able to take root, use their skills to contribute to our economy and commit to it.”.

The White House also has invited to join the pro-immigrant campaign across the country to provide support services and legal assistance to community organizations and facilitate the process.

The philanthropic community and private companies were also called, as was the case of the Univision Television Network, which is currently working in the national effort to ensure that the greatest number of legal permanent residents become new US citizens.

For the week from 17 to 23 September USCIS it conducted approximately 200 naturalization ceremonies in which will welcome more than 36,000 new citizens across the country during Constitution Week.

Obama presidential appointed four ambassadors to the public, all immigrants: the Spanish chef José Andrés, actress Diane Guerrero, singer and songwriter Dave Matthews and former baseball pitcher for the Dodgers and Los Angeles, Fernando Valenzuela.

Obama authorized a deportation under about 5 million undocumented parents of US citizens and permanent residents (DAPA, for its acronym in English) and dreamers protected by deferred action (DACA for its acronym in English), who also will receive a temporary work authorization renewable every three years.

The latter permit is currently detained since a demand from 26 states -24 of them governed by Republicans as they argued that the president overstepped his executive power and that the measure violates the Constitution.