The presence of Hispanics in the United States has got stronger and stronger as they have developed a variety of areas in the country.  Nicaraguans are part of this group.

It is estimated that currently about 400,000 Nicaraguans live in the United States. 40% of them were born on U.S. soil. Their average age is 32.

The Nicaraguan community is well-off, especially, the one that resides in Los Angeles, Florida and San Francisco.

The annual income of Nicaraguans is about $ 47,000. Around 18% live in poverty.

Their main occupation has to do with sales and office support work.

The states where most Nicaraguans can be found are: Florida, California, Texas, New York and Maryland.

Colombians have a population of nearly one million inhabitants in the United States. They are the seventh largest group among Hispanics. The first Colombians arrived in the times of the First World War. 64% of them were born in Colombia and their average age is 34.

Queens is led by Colombians. New York is the county with the largest number of Colombian-born Latinos. The state with fewer Colombians is Wyoming.

It is estimated that they annually earn $ 48,000 and their main occupation is management.

The states where the highest number of Colombians live are: Florida, New York, New Jersey, California and Texas.

Ecuadorians are considered the kings of Queens. They are the tenth largest group among Latinos with about 645,000 inhabitants.

Their average age is 32. 62% of them were born in Ecuador.

In North Dakota, there are fewer than 60 Ecuadorians.

The average family household income is $ 48.600 per year, and their main occupations are related to the service sector.

The states where Hispanics of Ecuadorian origin prefer to settle are: New York, New Jersey, Florida, California and Illinois.