Millions of children and teenagers flee their countries because of violence. This has led fifty democratic congressmen and congresswomen to present a bill that seeks to ensure support for immigrant children who arrive in the United States.

Only in 2015, U.S. authorities recorded a total of 39,970 unaccompanied children who arrived from Mexico. While this is 42% less than the number of children who entered in 2014, the percentage is still high.

“A fair day in court for children” is the law that the Democrats, led by Harry Reid, have proposed to the Senate. They want children and other vulnerable populations to have new opportunities in the United States.

Xavier Becerra, from the Democratic Caucus, is part of this group of delegates. He considers it essential that children and young immigrants have the opportunity to a fair legal process.

In recent years, immigration from the Northern Triangle of Central America, has exploded overwhelmingly in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. For two years, there has been a child-immigration wave that has been described as a humanitarian crisis.

Many people see the United States as the opportunity of a new home, even if they risk arrest. In fact, in January 2016, a program of raids was launched. Of course, this measure was rejected by many Senate Democrats.