We are aware that the application process to get a work visa in the United States is tedious and it includes many steps and details.


At present, apart from the process, the immigration authorities may use social networks to investigate the profiles of people who enter the U.S. This is due to the fact that, through them, it might be possible to detect and prevent, potential terrorist threats.

Which networks may be checked?  Mainly Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.


One of the reasons why networks attracted the attention of immigration authorities was the attack in California where 14 people were killed by an armed couple. The police later discovered that the woman was very active on social networks and radical websites. Currently, many networks are used by extremist groups as a means to recruit members.

Network monitoring is a project still under consultation that will last until August 22nd this year. After that date, the government of the United States will make a decision on the matter.