The number of immigrants who aspire to achieve the “American dream” in the United States increases rapidly, but what are the most successful Latin communities in the United States?

According to research conducted by the Census Bureau, through an American Community Survey, the characteristics, the economic data and the population of each Latin group were analyzed, so as to determine who the most successful ones have been.

The groups are different in terms of level of study, professions and particular cultural characteristics. Let us have a look at the 5 most successful nationalities in the United States.

  1. Argentina

It is estimated that, at the moment, 250 thousand Argentines live in the United States, mainly in Florida and California. This group is among the ones that have a higher financial income and a lower poverty rate.

According to calculations, the annual household income is 55 thousand dollars. 53% of Argentinians are the owners of their houses.

40% of the Argentinians who live in the United States have a university degree. This allows them to have more and better job opportunities. The most common occupations among them are related to professional and managerial services.

The incidence of poverty is estimated at 11%.

  1. Peru

It is estimated that 500 thousand Peruvians live in the United States at present. Patterson (New Jersey) is the Peruvian-Americans’ unofficial capital city. Florida and California are home to a great part of these immigrants.

According to the research data, the annual household income is approximately 50 thousand dollars, and 50% of Peruvians are the owners of their houses.

31% of Peruvians who live in the United States hold a university degree and most of them work in administrative activities.

Their poverty rate is calculated at 13%.

  1. Venezuela

Approximately, 260 thousand Venezuelans live currently in the United States, especially in Florida and Texas. They belong to the group with the highest number of professionals (bachelor, master and other postgraduate degrees). Around 51% hold a degree, which allows them to open the doors to progress in North America.

Venezuelans usually work providing professional and managerial services. Besides, it is estimated that they have an annual household income of 50 thousand dollars.

48% are the owners of their houses and 15% live in poverty.

  1. Ecuador

Around 645 thousand Ecuadorians live nowadays in the United States. They are the tenth largest ethnic group, apart from being the largest one in Queens, New York. They are also located in Florida.

It is estimated that their annual household income is 48,600 dollars.

40% of them own their houses and 18% live in poverty.

Only 19% of Ecuadorians who live in the United States have a university degree, and most of them work in the service sector.

  1. Colombia

This one is bigger than the above-mentioned groups. According to the research, around one million Colombians or people of Colombian origins live in the United States. The majority is located in Florida and New York.

They are the seventh biggest group, and have an annual household income of 48 thousand dollars.

In this case, 49% of them own their houses and 13% live in poverty.

31% of professionals hold a university degree, and most of them work in the sector of professional and managerial services.