In a study conducted by Nielsen, one of the most renowned consulting firms in the United States, it was determined that the Latinos over 50 years old who live in this country are one of the most influential groups there. They deeply influence the American youth in terms of culture, economy and politics.

The title of the study is The New American Vanguard: Latinos 50+: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. In it, we can read that the Latin population over 50 years old comprises 11,1 million inhabitants (10% of this ethnic group), and that, according to estimations, by 2060 they will grow up to 42 million inhabitants.

Despite that the “Latinos 50+” face a younger generation known as the “Millennials” (born between the 80s and the 00s), a group that might be able to change the rules of mass consumption, the former have not lost their power of influence.


Furthermore, according to the study, they still have the power, because they passed their family and cultural customs and traditions onto their descendants when they arrived in the United States.
These habits produced certain needs that the American companies tried to meet, and that is why the older Latinos are considered pioneers. They are the pioneers in education, industry and politics, the ones who built the yearned American dream.

Thanks to their work through the years, they have become an important work, economic and social force. They are, in fact, a decisive ethnic group during the elections in the United States.

It is really important that, in the next elections, the candidates seriously consider this group of voters. The majority of the Hispanic population is located in California, Texas, Florida and New York, four states that generate 55, 38, 29 and 29 votes respectively.