The steadily growing immigrant community in the United States. People from all over the world come to the United States to make a new life.

The activities engaged are varied, some manage to get a work visa in their specialty and others opt for other activities, but what are the most popular activities that Latino immigrants engage in North America?

Studies of the Department of Labor showed Latinos working in various sectors, depending largely on the opportunities that are not always very varied.

Many of them have little stability or higher wages but despite this, many Latinos are working daily to their progress and the country.

The following sectors are the highest number of Latinos are concentrated, according to the Department of Labor of the United States are:

Financial activities: 11.3% of Latinos working in this area.

Public Administration: 11.4% of Latinos working in this field


Service education and health comprised 11.5% of Latinos

16% of Latinos working in business services

Wholesale and retail: 16.4% of Latinos working in this sector

17.2% of Latinos work driving transport public service

Oil and mining 17.2 engages in these activities

22.3% of Latinos are working in bars, restaurants and hotels

Agriculture, forestry and fishing are represented by 23.1% of Latinos.

27.3% of Latino immigrants are engaged in construction activities

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