There are many behaviors or actions that can make a citizen lose its American visa… shoplifting is one of them.

The “shoplifting” itself may seem a minor offense; but if any immigrant committed shoplifting, it can result in the loss of their Tourist Visa and/or even their Green Card.

Unfortunately it is estimated that some 27 million people in the US carry out this practice, men and women alike rob stores; teenagers are 25% of those arrested, while 75% are adults.

In itself, this practice consists in the theft of products or merchandize, be it out of need or because of the heat of the moment.


If a foreigner performed Shoplifting and police caught the immigrant, he or she is more likely to be taken immediately to the police to be arrested.

Regardless of whether the amount stolen is small, it is likely that their tourist visa is revoked.

This offense can lead to US embassy or consulate of the country deciding to not grant a tourist visa to the person again in the future, as there are police records in the United States.


The practice of “shoplifting” affects negatively the demand for US residency, as the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) take fingerprints of all applicants for a review of their criminal records. This can lead USCIS to deny the Green Card

In the U.S. stealing is not a simple action, it is a crime against morals and standards of honesty in the community, and the law makes a lot of emphasis on the proper behavior of the citizens, especially those that have had great difficulty to reach legal status in the U.S.