pexels-photo-mediumAs we said in our previous post, the U.S. government distributes a number of Green Cards every year.  This allows immigrants to get the American citizenship, so that they can live and grow professionally in the United States.

Today, we’ll continue to answer more frequently asked questions about the visa lottery.

More Details About This Lottery

  1. If I win, does that mean that I definitely have a Green Card?

No. It just means that you’ve been shortlisted.

Subsequently, you must complete a series of procedures with the United States Department of State through the Kentucky Consular Center or the American Embassy in your country of residence.

If you meet all requirements and don’t make mistakes in the selection process, you’ll probably get the residency.

  1. Which family members can come along?

Your spouse in the first place. Your marriage must be legal and valid.  Gay marriages are also apply.

Biological, adopted or step- children who are unmarried and are under 21 may also migrate with the winner.

  1. What rights do I have as a permanent resident?

The main ones are: living and working in the United States. Remember that there are a number of responsibilities to fulfill, and that you’re not an American citizen. There are important differences between residents and citizens.

  1. Can I become an American citizen?

Yes, through naturalization, permanent residents become American, provided they meet certain requirements, such as continuous residence in the U.S. for five years (three if married to an American).

  1. Participating in the diversity lottery can cause me a problem?

When you participate in the lottery, you’re letting the American state know that you have the intention to migrate to the U.S. Your application is entered in a database that can be accessed by consulates, the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and customs officers.

This doesn’t mean that if you participate in the lottery, you won’t be able to obtain a visa or that the one that you already have will be canceled or not renewed. However, you should know that consular and customs officers consider your participation in the lottery when deciding to grant you a visa or to allow you the entry to the United States.