We could give you many suggestions for your visa appointment. This time, we will talk to you about the most pexels-photo-70292-largeimportant things to consider:

  1. Dress for the moment. Do not take it to the extreme. Do not be either informal or too formal. Try not wear jewelry or watches. They will not let you in with any of these accessories. Cellphones are not allowed either.
  1. Remember that you must answer a questionnaire about your income, your reasons for wanting to travel to that country, the duration of your stay, where you will stay, your employment status and your criminal record.
  1. Do not forget to bring your last three pay slips with you, plus an official letter from your employer, bank statements and your professional license. These documents will prove that your economic situation is stable.
  1. If your employer pays you in cash, bring a badge or any other document that proves that you actually work there.
  1. Try to answer assertively and do not lie. Otherwise, your visa may be denied.
  1. Do not exaggerate. Never submit or show any documents unless they ask you to.
  1. Do not trust companies that ensure that, for a certain amount of money, your visa will be approved, because it is just a lie. The American consulate is the only administrative body that can determine whether a visa will be approved or not.