Any person who has in mind to become an investor in the United States should preferably do it in person, teleconferencing is effective and allows to short the distance, but it doesn’t compare to a face to face conversation.

A visa that allows an investor to make a business trip is the B-1 visa, ideal for temporary travel to the United States where the mission is to have one or more meetings and then return to the country of origin.

More importantly, with this visitor visa the person can’t work or earn money in the United States.

A B-1 visa type is one of the non-immigrant visas requested more frequently.

What activities are permitted with B1 visa?


Visiting family members

Attend a meeting

Participate in job training

Receive medical treatment

Do independent research

Do missionary work


What is needed to get this visa?

Confirmation page DS-160.

Passport in good condition is needed; otherwise you must get a new one before applying for a visa.

Color photograph. The photograph must be 5 cm x 5 cm (2 inches x 2 inches), eyes forward and shoulders showing full face, white background. If you could not mount a photograph in its DS-160,
you can take a picture or take it at a kiosk inside the embassy.

The appointment is made at the consulate or embassy of the United States (in English) closer.

In the interview, the officer will ask questions to help you better understand the need to travel to the United States. It is important to remain calm and explain the reasons for success.

Be specific. It is important to explain to the staff that makes the interview all the details of business, where and with whom are the meetings. The applicant must be prepared for travel questions clearly. It is important that the applicant take documents from your work situation:

Job Title

Time in the company

Your monthly income

How many days of leave was granted

Receipt of wage payment



Make clear ties with the country of origin. It is important that the official will be clear that the trip is temporary and has a specific purpose. Clarify family ties in their home country and that you have a current career or business; these are examples of connections that help. The applicant may file

Bank statements of the last few months

Local tax payment

Registration chambers of commerce, etc.

Certified copies of birth and marriage

Copies of baptism and church marriages

Bring supporting documents. It would be good to present a copy of the business plan, a letter from the US Company which will present the idea or any documents that support the reasons why you travel.