An estimated 2.3 million Hispanics in the United States can achieve a better economic situation and be benefited in their studies if the reform proposed by President Barack Obama is approved.

This amendment establishes the possibility of eliminating the fees paid during the first two years of study at community colleges.

According to an analysis of the Mexican Agency Quadratin, hispanics students who are in the United States may obtain legal status and government funding for education if the reform is approved.

 The reform itself allows students to take half of the undergraduate studies at no cost, the main purpose is that students from poor backgrounds or hispanic minorities achieve a college degree.

 In an investigation by the Department of Legislative Analysis of Belisario Dominguez Institute (IBD) of the Senate, it’s explained that the proposal is for additional support.

A significant number of students face the difficult decision of choosing between studying and work to support themselves and their families. The idea is that the study is guaranteed. Currently many of these students go to community colleges because they are much more accessible than universities. And these schools, even when they are able to develop basic skills, vocational training and continuing education, are only based on jobs that do not require a college degree.

The reform does not have the acceptance of all parties, they consider it too expensive, and  according to the investigation, hispanics abandon their studies faster than any other racial group in the United States, a desertion of around 6.7%, higher than African Americans, whites or Asian, which puts the discussion on the table.

Approval should be evaluated in order to reduce the high cost of college , this will bring invaluable benefits, as it is to have good professionals, fully trained to allow the development of society.

This issue is Important for Both Republicans and Democrats, but, who’ll be the big winners?

According to the research “The reform community colleges in the United States and its impact on the population of Hispanic origin” IDB, the Mexican community living in America are the winners here. Almost 7.7 million students are studying in community colleges, about 22% of them are Mexican.

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The proposal also seeks to support undocumented immigrant students who can’t count on financial support for their studies.

Barack Obama’s proposal also intends to contribute to the natural replacement for the still white majority, since according to data provided by him, in 2050, one in five Americans (19 percent) will not born in the United States, so Hispanics will represent 29% of the population.

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