Every year hundreds of immigrants pass tests that grant them naturalization, and become US citizens. Once they manage to make it, they must do different procedures across the country so that they can legalize their legal status and citizenship.

To achieve citizenship it’s important that immigrants know the procedures; the first thing is that the immigrant must have been a permanent resident, that is, a legal immigrant who has a Green Card. And they must have at least five years in the country.

Another case when becoming a citizen is an option, is when the immigrant is married to a US citizen and they already have three years together.

Any immigrant who has permanent residency and serves in the US Army for four years at least Once they can pass the tests, they can start the naturalization process.

One of the most important aspects is that unlike naturalized immigrants, immigrants who are permanent residents have a number of privileges that are unique to American citizens.

To name a few benefits are:

All immigrants with citizenship may participate in local, state and federal elections held in the United States.

Immigrants with citizenship can take their spouses or children who are unmarried and under 21 to the United States.

The citizen can carry a US passport.

The immigrant citizens will be able to get jobs that are exclusive to US citizens

Any immigrant in this condition may participate in jury trials.

You can access exclusive scholarships that the US government issues only to US citizens.

If a child of immigrant citizens is born outside of the country, they will still get the citizenship, unlike the children of permanent residents.

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