All foreigners who become citizens enjoy unique benefits, benefits that many immigrants crave. Permanent residents
meanwhile, all those who are legal immigrants, Green Card owners, do not have the same privileges.

For example, voting in elections, whether presidential or state; access to jobs in federal agencies (ICE, USCIS, FBI,
etc.), leaving the United States without any time limit, etc.

Let’s take a look at some forms for citizenship.

1) Birth

By law, anyone born in the United States has citizenship automatically. No matter if their parents are undocumented.

2) Parents

If the immigrant has a parent who is a US citizen, the immigrant may also apply for the citizenship.

3) Adoption

If a baby is orphaned and adopted by an American couple, the baby automatically gets the US citizenship.

4) Grandparents

If any of the grandparents of the immigrants have citizenship, they can opt for citizenship

5) Military Service

Immigrants can obtain citizenship in a short time if they serve in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States.

6) 5 years as a permanent resident

If the immigrant managed to get permanent residence card, known as Green Card, and five years have elapsed, the immigrant may apply to take the exam again to start the naturalization.

7) After 3 years of marriage

If the immigrant is married to a US citizen after three years of marriage you may process the citizenship of that country.

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