The initiative to achieve the regularization of the status of stories of Venezuelans who are in the United States came from the Venezuelan Association of Mothers and Women Abroad, or as indicated by their initials, AMAVEX.


AMAVEX was in Florida in the Lemon Grove Recreation Center, talking to a significant number of Venezuelans informing them of its initiative, which is called “Adjustment Venezuelan status“, whose main mission is normalizing illegal Venezuelans in North America as soon as possible.

Many Venezuelans fled their country of origin thanks to the hard political and social situation prevailing in its territory.

Helene Villalonga, AMAVEX’s president, seeks that approval of this initiative allows undocumented Venezuelans to
acquire a work permit and a social security number, and to also offer the possibility to become legal residents (Green Card holders) and then, five years later, become American citizens.

All Venezuelans interested and that wish to request support in the congress, should call or send a letter to congressman representing their district. This makes it easier to find the representative of each area (for more info click here)

The requirements to qualify would be to prove presence in the country for a continuous period of time, starting from January 1st, 2013.

Only in 2011, around 260 thousands of Venezuelans came to the United States, it is estimated that by 2015 the figure will be surrounding the one million mark of Venezuelans outside their territory.

Most of these Venezuelans are living in the south of the country; the state of Florida is home to 40% of these.

All information on the initiative of the Law of Adjustment of Status Venezuelan, can be obtained by emailing leydeajustevenezolano@gmail.com or visit the Facebook page: Ley de Ajuste de Estatus Venezolano en USA