Nowadays, there exist many migratory opportunities for brilliant minds and for researchers and professors. Colleges and Universities in the United States are interested in hiring professors and researchers from other countries. Thus, they promote their Visas.

If you think you are a potential candidate, learn about these 3 Visa options for researchers and professors:

H-1B Visa for Professionals 

This Visa is the most popular Visa and also the most used one to allow professors and researchers to work at universities. It has the advantage that the USCIS has not a limited number for them. If you have the support of a College or University, you qualify for this type of Visa.

One of the advantages of this Visa is that, for most of them, professors and researchers meet the requirement of possessing a Bachelor’s Degree or a Professional University Degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in the United States.

Exchange through the J-1 Visa

This option is also very used by Universities in order to hire foreign researchers and professors. However, it has terms for your permanence in the United States. That is, it sets a maximum time for staying in the country. Moreover, it sets the period of time you allowed to stay outside of the United States.

O-1 Visa

This Visa is employed to allow researchers and professors holders of a J-1 Visa to work at American Colleges, without having the obligation to remain outside of the country for 2 years. If the University sponsors a person for a O-1 Visa, the holder of a J-1 Visa may acquire the new Visa without needing to leave the United States for two years.


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