Do you need a tourist visa?

We will show you seven steps to apply successfully:

  1. Photo

Before beginning the procedure, it is advisable that you have your photograph taken. The photo must be up-to-date, in color, 2×2 inches and its background must be white (without exception)

  1. DS-160 Application Form

You must fill in the electronic DS-160 form. As it is in English, you cannot use the letter Ñ. Once filled in, you must print it.

  1. Online Account

You have to enter the National Visa Center website. There, you have to choose your country of origin and sign up. You must give all your personal details.

Afterward, you must schedule an appointment. In this regard, follow all the steps until you get to the page where they ask you to submit your payment number. There, you will find the option to download and print the payment receipt.

  1. Pay the fee

It is necessary to take the printed receipt to the indicated bank in order to pay the corresponding fee. This fee is non-refundable.

  1. Schedule an appointment

The day after you have paid the fee, enter the National Visa Center again and submit your receipt number. Then, you will be able to access the calendar where you can schedule the interview.

  1. Interview

Be punctual and bring all the required documents. Remember you cannot bring forbidden objects (tablets, cameras…).

  1. Passport

If the embassy or consulate authorities decide to approve your visa, they will let you know when you may pick up your passport.