You have to be very careful in selecting an immigration lawyer because the field of immigration law is notorious for unscrupulous individuals that prey on foreigners with little or no knowledge of our laws and regulations. As a preliminary matter, you should confirm that the potential attorney is in fact licensed to practice law in the United States. In addition to confirming their credentials, you should select an attorney that only practices immigration law. Certainly you would not have brain surgery with a pediatrician and similarly you should not have your immigration case handled by an individual that handles other areas of law. We have seen many individuals whose cases were prejudiced by the actions of unskilled attorneys.

Additionally, you should choose a law firm that specializes in attaining visas for entertainment professionals. A lawyer that is recommended within the industry is a particularly good choice.

Furthermore, you should seek an accessible attorney that guarantees an open channel of communication. Do not be afraid to ask an attorney in advance the average turnaround time for client calls and email messages.

Additionally, do not be afraid to ask how often this attorney works with the specific visa classification you are seeking. You want an attorney that is knowledgeable of the current trends.

Finally, you should seek an attorney that will guide you from start to finish. The visa process is exceedingly convoluted and you should ask your attorney from the outset how much assistance they will be willing to render. Will they review documents after every submission and make recommendations accordingly? Will they edit and assist you in the drafting of your visa documents? Will they give you viable models to follow? Think of your attorney as your guide and choose wisely.