Those who wish to work in the United States need a Visa to do so. There are 7 industries of interest whose professionals can apply for a Work Visa, such as those who possess extraordinary abilities in Sciences, Sports, Arts, Education, Business, the Film Industry and Television. Such professionals may apply and obtain a Work Visa with some benefits, as long as them fulfill a series of requirements.

In order to obtain this Work Visa, it is mandatory that there is a company or an agent willing to hire the foreign citizen who is interested in obtaining the Visa. Thus, the process may be initiated from abroad or from within the United States – as long as the person is legally in the country. In any case, if the Visa is approved they will have to travel to their country of origin or send another person, duly authorized to retrieve the Visa at the corresponding Consulate or Embassy.

Work Visa in the U.S. 7 industries of interest

What types of O Visa are there?

O-1A: is granted to people who possess a special talent in Sciences, Education, Business or Sports. This does not mean that the person must have worn a Nobel Prize, but they must have an important professional background, quality work and some prestige.

O-1B: is granted to people who possess an extraordinary talent in the Film Industry, Television or the Arts. Artists must prove that they have attained “distinction” within their field. Their talent must also be backed up by evidence showing that they are known and renowned. They also must have an excellent reputation.

There are also derivative Visas O-1 and O-2, which are only granted to people in the Sports and Arts fields.

Finally, the spouse and children under the age of 21 of the holder of an O-1 Visa can travel to the United States with an O-3 Visa. It is important to understand that they will not be allowed to legally work in the country during their stay.

The O Visa is initially granted for a period of 3 years. After that period has passed, it can be renewed annually. In theory, this Visa can be renewed without limitations, until the end of the work activity of its holder.

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