Every year, the United States allows thousands of foreigners to work legally in the country in a wide variety of professions and occupations. When migrating, it’s important to know which visa is the best for you.

Which Are the Best Visas for People Who Wish to Develop Their Career in the United States?

Let us begin talking about the O-1, the EB-1, the EB-2 and the EB-3 visas.

People with Extraordinary Abilities May Request an O-1 Visa

This visa is ideal for renowned athletes, scientists, educators, entrepreneurs and artists, e.g. the winners of a Nobel Prize or an Olympic medal. These people can apply for the visa themselves by filling out the I-140 form from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The EB-1 and the EB-2 Visas

It’s suitable for university professors, researchers, multinational executives, people with completed doctoral studies or graduates with at least five years of work experience; athletes, artists, scientists or entrepreneurs.

These visas must be requested by a U.S. employer. That is, it requires a prior concrete job offer. In addition, you have to obtain an individual labor certification from the United States Department of Labor.

You can be exempt from submitting this certification if you’re able to demonstrate to the USCIS that your special ability can actually be of benefit to the United States’ national interests.

EB-3, the Work Visa

This visa is perfect for college-educated professionals, for workers with special skills with at least two years of experience or training, and even for workers without special skills.

In these cases it’s necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Get an offer from an entrepreneur for a permanent full-time job in the United States.
  • There aren’t any Americans or permanent residents available to fill the job vacancy.
  • Certification from the Department of Labor proving the working capacity of the immigrant.
  • The employer must submit the I-140 form to the USCIS in order to prove that the company can pay the salary that was offered.