Not only citizens may work legally in the United States. Also foreigners who are legal permanent residents and temporary visa or work permit holders may get a legal job.

There are several options to get the permanent resident card, visas and work permits.

These are some of the options to work legally in the U.S.:

U.S. citizens

Citizens may have any kind of job they are qualified for.

Legal permanent residents

They hold a Green Card. Residents can live and work in the United States for life, provided that they keep the U.S. as their residence. In certain cases, as a punishment for certain crimes, you may lose your residence and be deported.

Temporary work visas for skilled foreigners

Despite the economic crisis, there is work in the United States for professionals with certain qualifications. This category includes a large number of visas that enable their holders to work in the U.S. for a specific period of time.

Exchange visitors

It includes a variety of possibilities through the J visas, known as exchange visas. For example: au pairs, professors and teachers, doctors, counselors at summer camps, internships and even high school students. The working conditions are set in the visa.

Work permit in the United States

Asylums and asylum seekers, people under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS), refugees or people in the process of adjusting their status to get a Green Card may request the USICS Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Victims of domestic violence may also apply.